Mindfulness for busy brains. 

If you are human, you might sometimes act on autopilot without noticing. Driving,  eating, drinking, or following the same old pattern, just because. A whole lot of research  says it's hard to change old habits when you are unmindful. In fact, it takes work to  change your behaviour in a lasting way at all. Brains like familiarity, so we do the same  thing again and again even if it’s not good for us. 

Then there’s mindfulness. Paying attention, and noticing, with curiosity. It's simple, but  not easy. You can practice with everyday tasks. Like drinking tea. Go on, have a go! 

Hold the cup in both hands.  

Focus your attention, on the warmth you feel.  

Bring your face close to the cup.  

Take a really deep breath.  

Notice the warmth, steam, aroma.  

Notice the sensations inside your nose.  

Place your lip on the edge of the cup.  

Stay there for a moment.  

Notice what’s happening inside your mouth.  

Notice the feel of the cup against your lip.  

Take a small sip, don’t swallow.  

Hold the liquid in your mouth.  

Focus on the sensations:  The taste, sweetness, bitterness, smooth, hot.  

Then cooling to your temperature.  What part of the tongue is being affected?  

Notice the liquid moving around your mouth.  


Feel the liquid moving down to your stomach.  

In your own time, drink the rest of your tea in this mindful way.  

Use your senses, and with curiosity, just notice.